date night: high school football game

I love fall. Love it, love it, love it. And fall in St. Louis just seems so short. It’s way hot… and then suddenly just a bit too chilly to do much outside. In an effort to soak up as much of fall’s glory as early as possible, I planned a date night to… a… Continue reading date night: high school football game

my Bible study

I sometimes struggle to put into words ideas and concepts that are newly on my radar. Or not just on my radar, but even ideas and concepts that have become a big part of my life. So, please excuse my awkwardness. I’m from Iowa. Iowa, as a whole, is not very diverse. I stayed in… Continue reading my Bible study

last day of grad school!

Today was the last day of two years of social work grad school classes. The last hour of my last class was spent talking about international adoption. Pretty fitting, considering international adoption is the interest that originally brought me to pursue a Master’s of social work. And when I reflect on all that has transpired… Continue reading last day of grad school!

spring break in STL

Another perk of being a med student: Only one day + the weekend off for spring break. But, goodness knows we’re going to take advantage of it! (It’s gotten a bit busy/stressful on my front as work duties ramp up, senioritis sets in, and the job search continues to turn up very little. I’ve been… Continue reading spring break in STL

Washington University

Here it is: I’m officially going to Washington University in St. Louis* this fall! Yes, the time at Boston College was pretty good. Yes, I like Boston*. But it comes down to this… Washington University will offer me more experience, opportunities, and options. And I can see myself there. I can feel myself falling in… Continue reading Washington University