adoption in America

Some students in the USC Master’s of Social Work program created this infographic. It’s quite informative! And beautifully done. They mention adoption caseworkers at the bottom — that’s my job! (Also, note: They misuse “orphan,” in my opinion. An orphan is traditionally defined as a child who has lost one or both parents. Many kids in… Continue reading adoption in America

working, working

It’s weird to think I’ve already (almost) been at my job for a month. Where does time go, people? Overall, it’s been really great. I showed up and quickly figured out that the cases I’d be in charge of weren’t just foster families but foster families adopting their foster kids. I had originally looked for this kind… Continue reading working, working

why I blog

So, why do I blog? A few reasons… + I like writing, and now that I’ve headed away from journalism, I truly miss it. It’s therapeutic for me, and it’s part of that “self care” we learn is necessary to be in a helping profession. + I generally communicate far better in writing than I do verbally.… Continue reading why I blog

last day of grad school!

Today was the last day of two years of social work grad school classes. The last hour of my last class was spent talking about international adoption. Pretty fitting, considering international adoption is the interest that originally brought me to pursue a Master’s of social work. And when I reflect on all that has transpired… Continue reading last day of grad school!

I got a job!

Last might, my husband and I went out for pizza and a celebratory s’mores milkshake at one of our favorite places because we had reason for joy and celebration… I have a job! In about two weeks, I’ll begin training for a position that allows me to recruit, train, and license foster parents! I was… Continue reading I got a job!

let me tell you about them

Let me tell you about the teenagers I work with.  They are resourceful. One of them can’t afford Photoshop, so he uses the free trial until it expires, creates a new email address, and signs up again. They know death well. Almost every time I log onto our work Facebook account, one of them has… Continue reading let me tell you about them


This weekend: Declaration of War, late birthday brunch at Brasserie with good friends, Medball, church, lunch at Companion with friends visiting our church for the first time, and spaghetti with other friends. Oh, and feeling rather sick, but let’s move on… This week: Spring break/no classes, relaxing, reading, other yet-to-be-determined adventures, and officially beginning the job search.… Continue reading weekend/week

24 in my 24th year

My birthday was on Tuesday. I’m not much for setting goals, but I am for being purposeful with my days. Here are 24 things I hope to accomplish in my 24th year of life… 1. Graduate + find a social work job I enjoy. I’m graduating in May with my Master’s in Social Work. I’ve heard the… Continue reading 24 in my 24th year

the current job

I clicked on the “social work” category I have on my blog, and I realized this: I’ve barely written about my current job since it started. I’m a social work practicum student at an organization that provides paid art apprenticeships for low-income teenagers from the area. The teens have clients — businesses or organizations in… Continue reading the current job

the newest job

I’m about two weeks into my second practicum of grad school, and I still can’t quite decide what on earth I’m going to do with my social work degree. Lots of things seem to be the perfect mix of fun + challenging, including this. I’m working at an organization that provides art apprenticeships to low (and… Continue reading the newest job