little adoption update

Because of the social media policy our agency has, I sometimes forget that there are things I can say about our adoption process. A quick update: Boy or girl: We are getting closer and closer to being eligible for a referral. While we can’t tell you exactly where we are in the process, we will absolutely share the… Continue reading little adoption update

questions + answers

We want to share some answers to common questions. You gotta know, though, our agency has a strict social media policy. They’ve seen the way social media has hurt people, governments, and adoption processes. While this is hard for me, because I would love, love, love to share every single detail, we plan to absolutely… Continue reading questions + answers

the mice

Another previously written post: So, we did it. We made our first baby purchase. Now that we’re officially “in the process” of adopting, I felt it was time. I read that our agency allows us to send care packages to our baby. It’s not an easy — or cheap — process to get one over there,… Continue reading the mice