job loss? worry + transformation

I could probably write one thousand posts on how this adoption process is challenging my insecurities and worries. I probably will write more than this one. A friend said the adoption process is transformative, and I have to say I wouldn’t mind some transformation in the worry department. I’m such a worrier. But friends, I’m… Continue reading job loss? worry + transformation

questions for those adopting

I sometimes feel so deep (too deep?) in the adoption world, I forget that some people haven’t really had a friend or family member adopt. And, this isn’t a personal complaint, but I’ve come to realize some people just don’t know what to ask people in the process of adopting. We all know what to… Continue reading questions for those adopting

tears at the kitchen table, or: how we decided to adopt now

Freshly married, Dan and I were sitting at the kitchen table together when I sprung it on him: “I’ve really been feeling like we should reconsider the timeline we’d kind of talked about for adding kids to our family. I think we should do it sooner than we’ve talked about.” I’m the dreamer of the… Continue reading tears at the kitchen table, or: how we decided to adopt now

one hard experience

Written several weeks ago…  Note to others: Don’t move around a lot if you plan to adopt in the next five years. Well, move around all you want, but be prepared to persevere through the background checks you’ll need to do for every single place you’ve spent more than a little bit of time. I have never… Continue reading one hard experience

questions + answers

We want to share some answers to common questions. You gotta know, though, our agency has a strict social media policy. They’ve seen the way social media has hurt people, governments, and adoption processes. While this is hard for me, because I would love, love, love to share every single detail, we plan to absolutely… Continue reading questions + answers

the mice

Another previously written post: So, we did it. We made our first baby purchase. Now that we’re officially “in the process” of adopting, I felt it was time. I read that our agency allows us to send care packages to our baby. It’s not an easy — or cheap — process to get one over there,… Continue reading the mice

telling family

I wrote several blog post drafts when we started the adoption process, but I didn’t post them, because we wanted to keep our little secret between just a few people a bit longer. Here’s one of several more to come.  We had just stuffed ourselves with crepes, and Dan’s mom and sisters went to the restroom before… Continue reading telling family