Where Children Sleep

You guys, it’s true. This social worker still makes a lot of time to soak up good magazines at home and at Barnes & Noble… And an occasional US Weekly in the checkout line at Walgreens.  Dan and I are still striving to do regular dates, and on a date afternoon a few weeks ago,… Continue reading Where Children Sleep

film photos from lately

One of my goals for my 24th year of life is to take more film photos. I love anxiously waiting to see how photos will turn out. I love the graininess that film naturally gives photos. And, though it’s expensive to buy film and pay developing fees, I really like the permanency of printed photos. I fondly… Continue reading film photos from lately

24 in my 24th year

My birthday was on Tuesday. I’m not much for setting goals, but I am for being purposeful with my days. Here are 24 things I hope to accomplish in my 24th year of life… 1. Graduate + find a social work job I enjoy. I’m graduating in May with my Master’s in Social Work. I’ve heard the… Continue reading 24 in my 24th year