getting down, and getting up

Two things that can easily get you down: Social media and the adoption process. I’ve taken to unfollowing and unsubscribing to people on social media who fill my feeds with too much whining or negativity or controversy or immaturity. I don’t make a big deal about it. No “I just cut 100 people from my… Continue reading getting down, and getting up

my Bible study

I sometimes struggle to put into words ideas and concepts that are newly on my radar. Or not just on my radar, but even ideas and concepts that have become a big part of my life. So, please excuse my awkwardness. I’m from Iowa. Iowa, as a whole, is not very diverse. I stayed in… Continue reading my Bible study

what I’m enjoying

It’s been a busy week, but we’re staying in tonight. And I’m just soaking up all sorts of goodness via my eyes and ears. So, what I’m enjoying tonight… + Mars Hill Church’s Asaph’s Arrows album. ‘In Christ Alone’ gave me goosebumps the first time I heard it. And I’ll be honest, I sometimes struggle to… Continue reading what I’m enjoying

why I blog

So, why do I blog? A few reasons… + I like writing, and now that I’ve headed away from journalism, I truly miss it. It’s therapeutic for me, and it’s part of that “self care” we learn is necessary to be in a helping profession. + I generally communicate far better in writing than I do verbally.… Continue reading why I blog

film photos from lately

One of my goals for my 24th year of life is to take more film photos. I love anxiously waiting to see how photos will turn out. I love the graininess that film naturally gives photos. And, though it’s expensive to buy film and pay developing fees, I really like the permanency of printed photos. I fondly… Continue reading film photos from lately

newlywed happiness

We’ve gotten it a lot lately: “You guys are cute.” “You seem so happy.” “You inspire us to be more romantic.” I very carefully try to avoid being prideful about our relationship or bragging about my husband and his sweetness. I’m excited to continue to learn how to encourage others — married and single —… Continue reading newlywed happiness