job loss? worry + transformation

I could probably write one thousand posts on how this adoption process is challenging my insecurities and worries. I probably will write more than this one. A friend said the adoption process is transformative, and I have to say I wouldn’t mind some transformation in the worry department. I’m such a worrier. But friends, I’m… Continue reading job loss? worry + transformation

residency programs: prayer needed

My sweet husband is getting ready to apply for medical residency programs all over the country.  We’re looking for a program that’s a good fit for Dan and his interests, but we’re also considering the fact that we’ll probably be living in this city for 3+ years. If all goes well, we’ll have a child… Continue reading residency programs: prayer needed

scan: Dan + goats

I have a strange interest in scanning things with our scanner. We tried to scan the mouse blankies we have for our future kiddo, but they just looked creepy. I realize it makes more sense to scan flat things.  This photo has been on our fridge since after our wedding, and I love it so… Continue reading scan: Dan + goats

notes + prayers

I’d like to soon write a post called “When You’re Married to A Med Student.” Because it adds a different, challenging aspect to married life. Part of the med student thing is that my husband almost always has to get up well before me. It makes me sad to say goodbye half asleep with bad… Continue reading notes + prayers