weekend away: Indiana and outside Chicago

Our weekend away was really, really nice. We’ve been road-tripping sooo much since we got engaged, that I’d gotten kind of bitter about doing it. But we’re getting wiser about how we do our road trips, and I’m enjoying it more. We pack light, stock up on things to do and eat in the car,… Continue reading weekend away: Indiana and outside Chicago

telling family

I wrote several blog post drafts when we started the adoption process, but I didn’t post them, because we wanted to keep our little secret between just a few people a bit longer. Here’s one of several more to come.  We had just stuffed ourselves with crepes, and Dan’s mom and sisters went to the restroom before… Continue reading telling family

a legacy

Another thing we really appreciated about Jeremy was his understanding of the importance of wedding photos. Right before our wedding ceremony, he look us into an empty parking lot. He had us stand side by side and close our eyes. He started talking to us, encouraging us to consider the legacy we wanted to leave.… Continue reading a legacy