questions for those adopting

I sometimes feel so deep (too deep?) in the adoption world, I forget that some people haven’t really had a friend or family member adopt. And, this isn’t a personal complaint, but I’ve come to realize some people just don’t know what to ask people in the process of adopting. We all know what to… Continue reading questions for those adopting

grad school and social work

I’ve been needing to sit down and write this for a while. Mostly for me. To get my thoughts down, to prepare for admissions essays, and to document this shift in thinking… this major shift in the course of my life, really. And it’s becoming a theme in my life: Praise God for perfect timing… Continue reading grad school and social work

Celebrating Adoption

Celebrating Adoption began when a photographer was asked to take pictures a family so that they could provide a photograph to prospective birth mothers. As a strong supporter of adoption, the photographer offered the session completely free of charge. Celebrating Adoption was developed in 2007, as an organization of photographers that, free of charge, photograph… Continue reading Celebrating Adoption