little adoption update

Because of the social media policy our agency has, I sometimes forget that there are things I can say about our adoption process. A quick update: Boy or girl: We are getting closer and closer to being eligible for a referral. While we can’t tell you exactly where we are in the process, we will absolutely share the… Continue reading little adoption update

my Bible study

I sometimes struggle to put into words ideas and concepts that are newly on my radar. Or not just on my radar, but even ideas and concepts that have become a big part of my life. So, please excuse my awkwardness. I’m from Iowa. Iowa, as a whole, is not very diverse. I stayed in… Continue reading my Bible study

last day of grad school!

Today was the last day of two years of social work grad school classes. The last hour of my last class was spent talking about international adoption. Pretty fitting, considering international adoption is the interest that originally brought me to pursue a Master’s of social work. And when I reflect on all that has transpired… Continue reading last day of grad school!


This weekend: Declaration of War, late birthday brunch at Brasserie with good friends, Medball, church, lunch at Companion with friends visiting our church for the first time, and spaghetti with other friends. Oh, and feeling rather sick, but let’s move on… This week: Spring break/no classes, relaxing, reading, other yet-to-be-determined adventures, and officially beginning the job search.… Continue reading weekend/week