my Bible study

I sometimes struggle to put into words ideas and concepts that are newly on my radar. Or not just on my radar, but even ideas and concepts that have become a big part of my life. So, please excuse my awkwardness. I’m from Iowa. Iowa, as a whole, is not very diverse. I stayed in… Continue reading my Bible study

Sunday mornings

When our church went to two services recently, we found that a week of getting up early left us wanting to sleep in on Sundays. We felt rushed by the time we made it to August Gate at 9a (er, 9:10a). So, now we’re happy 11a service-goers. This morning we ate puff pancakes with strawberry… Continue reading Sunday mornings


I’ve been trying to put my thoughts on engagement into understandable words. It’s just a really weird stage for a relationship. So much a stage of transition… It’s been really good, yet there are times I have wondered if engagement is something God really intended people to experience. I understand God’s purpose for marriage very… Continue reading engagement?

what would have been a deal-breaker

So, I’m going to this adoption forum at our old church on Friday night…, I told Dan about a month into our relationship. Can I go with you?, he asked. Um, YES!  We sat at a table with three couples from our new church, August Gate. We were probably the only unmarried couple there. And definitely… Continue reading what would have been a deal-breaker