date night: high school football game

I love fall. Love it, love it, love it. And fall in St. Louis just seems so short. It’s way hot… and then suddenly just a bit too chilly to do much outside. In an effort to soak up as much of fall’s glory as early as possible, I planned a date night to… a… Continue reading date night: high school football game

summer + early fall to-do list

Dan and I sat down recently to make a list of fun + practical things we want to experience + accomplish this summer. But we made it kind of late into the summer, so in the interest of time, it’s turned into a summer and early fall to-do list. Here you have it: + Organize and “style”… Continue reading summer + early fall to-do list

spring break in STL

Another perk of being a med student: Only one day + the weekend off for spring break. But, goodness knows we’re going to take advantage of it! (It’s gotten a bit busy/stressful on my front as work duties ramp up, senioritis sets in, and the job search continues to turn up very little. I’ve been… Continue reading spring break in STL

first home

I feel really good about our first home. It’s cozy, it’s bright, it’s comfortable, and it’s unique. We have been blessed by so many generous friends + family who showered us with goodies to get this little place set up. God provided the means to live in and decorate this apartment, and I am so grateful.… Continue reading first home

the newest job

I’m about two weeks into my second practicum of grad school, and I still can’t quite decide what on earth I’m going to do with my social work degree. Lots of things seem to be the perfect mix of fun + challenging, including this. I’m working at an organization that provides art apprenticeships to low (and… Continue reading the newest job