why I blog

So, why do I blog? A few reasons… + I like writing, and now that I’ve headed away from journalism, I truly miss it. It’s therapeutic for me, and it’s part of that “self care” we learn is necessary to be in a helping profession. + I generally communicate far better in writing than I do verbally.… Continue reading why I blog

a famous blogger

For those who read this blog on Google Reader or other RSS readers, you’ve probably missed the excitement. My post, Film Photos From Lately, has been featured on WordPress’ homepage all week, and it’s still there. I have gotten a ton of comments, likes, and blog follows. It’s really exciting and pretty fun (though I should have… Continue reading a famous blogger

I will not leave you as orphans

I was excited to see that a new bird had laid two new eggs. It left the nest for a bit, so I took a picture. And then it didn’t come back for over three days. And it’s still not back.  And, as pointed out by Lori, these eggs are now orphans. The ones that… Continue reading I will not leave you as orphans

two little eggs

When I read up on mourning doves — the first time I’ve really chosen to read about any bird! — I learned that they lay one egg in the evening and another the next morning. We had only seen one… until just now! Should be another two weeks before they hatch. Such little things bring… Continue reading two little eggs