Where Children Sleep

You guys, it’s true. This social worker still makes a lot of time to soak up good magazines at home and at Barnes & Noble… And an occasional US Weekly in the checkout line at Walgreens.  Dan and I are still striving to do regular dates, and on a date afternoon a few weeks ago,… Continue reading Where Children Sleep

film photos from lately

One of my goals for my 24th year of life is to take more film photos. I love anxiously waiting to see how photos will turn out. I love the graininess that film naturally gives photos. And, though it’s expensive to buy film and pay developing fees, I really like the permanency of printed photos. I fondly… Continue reading film photos from lately

a legacy

Another thing we really appreciated about Jeremy was his understanding of the importance of wedding photos. Right before our wedding ceremony, he look us into an empty parking lot. He had us stand side by side and close our eyes. He started talking to us, encouraging us to consider the legacy we wanted to leave.… Continue reading a legacy

we are the Parsons + Zion

A post about the Parsons has long been in order. We connected with this couple over a similar love of God, family, and adoption. With two boys already, the Parsons decided to adopt sweet Zion despite his medical needs and uncertain future. There was a time they thought he was deaf. And times in the… Continue reading we are the Parsons + Zion