t-shirts, grants + more

We’re crawling out from underneath a lot of adoption paperwork and logistics. And it really feels like we’ve hit a stride. Both in adoption and marriage. (Have I mentioned we’re still very much newlyweds navigating that dreaded first year? Ha!) The joy and laughter is outweighing the worries and tears these days. And it feels… Continue reading t-shirts, grants + more

job loss? worry + transformation

I could probably write one thousand posts on how this adoption process is challenging my insecurities and worries. I probably will write more than this one. A friend said the adoption process is transformative, and I have to say I wouldn’t mind some transformation in the worry department. I’m such a worrier. But friends, I’m… Continue reading job loss? worry + transformation

little adoption update

Because of the social media policy our agency has, I sometimes forget that there are things I can say about our adoption process. A quick update: Boy or girl: We are getting closer and closer to being eligible for a referral. While we can’t tell you exactly where we are in the process, we will absolutely share the… Continue reading little adoption update

tears at the kitchen table, or: how we decided to adopt now

Freshly married, Dan and I were sitting at the kitchen table together when I sprung it on him: “I’ve really been feeling like we should reconsider the timeline we’d kind of talked about for adding kids to our family. I think we should do it sooner than we’ve talked about.” I’m the dreamer of the… Continue reading tears at the kitchen table, or: how we decided to adopt now

the rough patches

Lots of worries popped up again today related to this adoption process. When we’re asked about employment and finances, I get nervous. We’re not your typical adoptive family. We qualify, no doubt, but it’s not always clear cut. My husband is a med student, our income is small, and our financial situation will be undergoing… Continue reading the rough patches

why we’re adopting

Why are we adopting? Well… hm. There are lots of ways to answer that. And lots of aspects to it. Such as: Why a baby? Why international? Why Africa? Why now? It’s sometimes hard for me to verbalize. But it’s therapeutic to try to verbalize it… So here it goes. I have desired to adopt… Continue reading why we’re adopting

emily and heather

The last of the blog post drafts I wrote a couple months ago, when we started the adoption process… … A couple weeks ago, while out to dinner with two friends from social work school, I let the secret out. Or, well, they pulled it out of me. We were eating outside, and some other… Continue reading emily and heather

courage of a mother

Eugene Cho posted this photo with the caption, “Never underestimate the courage of a woman…the courage of a mother.” And my eyes got teary and my mind went to a place it doesn’t go often enough. The first mom. I’ll be honest, I don’t yet think of this woman often enough. My thoughts are generally… Continue reading courage of a mother

one hard experience

Written several weeks ago…  Note to others: Don’t move around a lot if you plan to adopt in the next five years. Well, move around all you want, but be prepared to persevere through the background checks you’ll need to do for every single place you’ve spent more than a little bit of time. I have never… Continue reading one hard experience