questions for those adopting

I sometimes feel so deep (too deep?) in the adoption world, I forget that some people haven’t really had a friend or family member adopt. And, this isn’t a personal complaint, but I’ve come to realize some people just don’t know what to ask people in the process of adopting. We all know what to… Continue reading questions for those adopting

adoption in America

Some students in the USC Master’s of Social Work program created this infographic. It’s quite informative! And beautifully done. They mention adoption caseworkers at the bottom — that’s my job! (Also, note: They misuse “orphan,” in my opinion. An orphan is traditionally defined as a child who has lost one or both parents. Many kids in… Continue reading adoption in America

courage of a mother

Eugene Cho posted this photo with the caption, “Never underestimate the courage of a woman…the courage of a mother.” And my eyes got teary and my mind went to a place it doesn’t go often enough. The first mom. I’ll be honest, I don’t yet think of this woman often enough. My thoughts are generally… Continue reading courage of a mother

a teenage girl and “forever family”

I was strangely nervous all morning, waiting for noon when I would drive 45 minutes to pick up a teenage girl on my caseload to drive another 45 minutes to the train station. Teenagers freak me out a little bit, and even though I now work as an adoption specialist in the foster care system,… Continue reading a teenage girl and “forever family”

working, working

It’s weird to think I’ve already (almost) been at my job for a month. Where does time go, people? Overall, it’s been really great. I showed up and quickly figured out that the cases I’d be in charge of weren’t just foster families but foster families adopting their foster kids. I had originally looked for this kind… Continue reading working, working

I will not leave you as orphans

I was excited to see that a new bird had laid two new eggs. It left the nest for a bit, so I took a picture. And then it didn’t come back for over three days. And it’s still not back.  And, as pointed out by Lori, these eggs are now orphans. The ones that… Continue reading I will not leave you as orphans

don’t adopt

Adoption is always on my heart. And yet again, Russell Moore puts into words what I would struggle to say. ‎”Those who see adoption as a warm, sentimental way of having a baby are mistaken and dangerous. There are far too many who plunge in without counsel, without a commitment to fidelity no matter what.

we are the Parsons + Zion

A post about the Parsons has long been in order. We connected with this couple over a similar love of God, family, and adoption. With two boys already, the Parsons decided to adopt sweet Zion despite his medical needs and uncertain future. There was a time they thought he was deaf. And times in the… Continue reading we are the Parsons + Zion

foster care + attachment

“The most common response to the news that you foster parent is ‘I couldn’t do that, I’d get too attached.’ The answer to that is that in fact, that’s the job — kids need attachments, they need love and care, they need you to get attached to them, and help them attach to you. There’s… Continue reading foster care + attachment

what would have been a deal-breaker

So, I’m going to this adoption forum at our old church on Friday night…, I told Dan about a month into our relationship. Can I go with you?, he asked. Um, YES!  We sat at a table with three couples from our new church, August Gate. We were probably the only unmarried couple there. And definitely… Continue reading what would have been a deal-breaker