date night: high school football game

I love fall. Love it, love it, love it. And fall in St. Louis just seems so short. It’s way hot… and then suddenly just a bit too chilly to do much outside. In an effort to soak up as much of fall’s glory as early as possible, I planned a date night to… a… Continue reading date night: high school football game

residency programs: prayer needed

My sweet husband is getting ready to apply for medical residency programs all over the country.  We’re looking for a program that’s a good fit for Dan and his interests, but we’re also considering the fact that we’ll probably be living in this city for 3+ years. If all goes well, we’ll have a child… Continue reading residency programs: prayer needed

weekend away: Indiana and outside Chicago

Our weekend away was really, really nice. We’ve been road-tripping sooo much since we got engaged, that I’d gotten kind of bitter about doing it. But we’re getting wiser about how we do our road trips, and I’m enjoying it more. We pack light, stock up on things to do and eat in the car,… Continue reading weekend away: Indiana and outside Chicago

getting down, and getting up

Two things that can easily get you down: Social media and the adoption process. I’ve taken to unfollowing and unsubscribing to people on social media who fill my feeds with too much whining or negativity or controversy or immaturity. I don’t make a big deal about it. No “I just cut 100 people from my… Continue reading getting down, and getting up

scan: Dan + goats

I have a strange interest in scanning things with our scanner. We tried to scan the mouse blankies we have for our future kiddo, but they just looked creepy. I realize it makes more sense to scan flat things.  This photo has been on our fridge since after our wedding, and I love it so… Continue reading scan: Dan + goats

how we met

I didn’t blog much when I was dating Dan, because (1) I knew he was reading everything I wrote and (2) I like keeping some things private. Now that we’re adopting and unable to share all the details here, I’m remembering so many memories before and during dating Dan that were never shared here. And, since the… Continue reading how we met

weeping willow tree

A year ago today, I stood under a weeping willow tree and said “yes” to Dan. And I absolutely mean this: Life has never been so sweet since committing myself to this man. I have not once doubted that God put this goofy, disciplined, intelligent, sweet guy in my path for wonderful reasons I’ve experienced… Continue reading weeping willow tree

summer + early fall to-do list

Dan and I sat down recently to make a list of fun + practical things we want to experience + accomplish this summer. But we made it kind of late into the summer, so in the interest of time, it’s turned into a summer and early fall to-do list. Here you have it: + Organize and “style”… Continue reading summer + early fall to-do list

what I’m enjoying

It’s been a busy week, but we’re staying in tonight. And I’m just soaking up all sorts of goodness via my eyes and ears. So, what I’m enjoying tonight… + Mars Hill Church’s Asaph’s Arrows album. ‘In Christ Alone’ gave me goosebumps the first time I heard it. And I’ll be honest, I sometimes struggle to… Continue reading what I’m enjoying