weekend away: Indiana and outside Chicago

Our weekend away was really, really nice. We’ve been road-tripping sooo much since we got engaged, that I’d gotten kind of bitter about doing it. But we’re getting wiser about how we do our road trips, and I’m enjoying it more. We pack light, stock up on things to do and eat in the car,… Continue reading weekend away: Indiana and outside Chicago

the transition

As I was writing several class papers on my “process of learning,” I was reminded of the ways writing serves as a thought-processing tool for me. I just don’t think about some things unless I force myself to write them down. And unfortunately, the things I think the least about are the positive things —… Continue reading the transition

Father’s Day

I can’t help but write on Father’s Day… Many of the babies here will never know the name of their biological father. Madelyn, who just went back to the U.S. with her parents, was the daughter of a prostitute and… well, countless possible men. There were some hold-ups in her adoption process, because her birthmom… Continue reading Father’s Day