t-shirts, grants + more

We’re crawling out from underneath a lot of adoption paperwork and logistics. And it really feels like we’ve hit a stride. Both in adoption and marriage. (Have I mentioned we’re still very much newlyweds navigating that dreaded first year? Ha!) The joy and laughter is outweighing the worries and tears these days. And it feels dang good.

I’ve been researching adoption grants. And our fundraising t-shirts are so close to being done! We love how they look, and it’s been way fun to work with a local print shop to get the colors just right. We really like the design, so we’re thinking about doing some prints of it to sell, as well. think we’ll be able to start selling the shirts online by Monday!

getting a little photo album ready to send in a care package

And I know you’ll kick me for this ambiguity, but we made a super, big, exciting decision recently that we’ll be able to tell you about soon. SOON, I promise! Hopefully Monday.

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