date night: high school football game

I love fall. Love it, love it, love it. And fall in St. Louis just seems so short. It’s way hot… and then suddenly just a bit too chilly to do much outside.

In an effort to soak up as much of fall’s glory as early as possible, I planned a date night to…

iPhone photo using VSCO Cam

a high school football game! I used our newspaper’s website and discovered a list of “games to watch in Week 5.” We watched Parkway Central (4-0) take on Webster Groves (3-1).

I really truly recommend it to anyone who is needing a unique date night idea and is even a little bit interested in high school football. And if you go to a randomly picked high school’s game — instead of your hometown high school’s game —  you don’t run the risk of having to talk to neighbors, teachers, and friends’ parents the whole time. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.) Another perk of high school football is that they make a lot of mistakes, which are sometimes more fun to watch than a perfectly played game. 

The game was at PCH, so we wore red to show our support for the home team. We ate hot dogs and listened to parents around us complain about sloppy plays. We watched high schoolers flirt. And we applauded the marching band a little too loudly. (I’m a sucker for a good drum line.)

I also got to hear about a lot of Dan’s high school memories… and we got to experience something new together. Super fun. Now I’m aching to go to another PCH game!

2 thoughts on “date night: high school football game

  1. I love highschool football games and I miss them! They are not as much fun here in Canada. The football fever out here isn’t the same. But Andrew and I like to make a date night out of rugby games sometimes. 🙂 Cute blog post

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