little adoption update

Because of the social media policy our agency has, I sometimes forget that there are things I can say about our adoption process. A quick update:

Boy or girl: We are getting closer and closer to being eligible for a referral. While we can’t tell you exactly where we are in the process, we will absolutely share the gender of this sweet babe when we know it! I must tell you, I can’t wait until we can pray for this little one by name. (And buy clothes and plan the baby’s room.)

Fundraising: We designed a t-shirt. Well, we both came up with the concept, and Dan designed them. I’m so thankful for his many talents! We’ll be selling them online or in person, if you want to avoid the shipping fees. A pretty great print shop, Art Farm, is printing them for us. (They’ll be printed on gray shirts.)

The phrase on them, “get you here,” comes from the song Amos Story by Aaron Ivey. For us, it signifies our total devotion to bringing our baby home. We like it, though, for its universality. We all seem to be committed to getting someone somewhere, don’t we? Getting a neighbor to church, getting a family member to reconnect with the family, getting a close friend to a place of understanding their worth. We hope you like it.

Adoption community: Long before we started the adoption process, I’ve been connected to several really awesome woman who are adoptive moms. I admire them. I want to be them. And I get to interact regularly with them online. But, we’ve been wanting to meet more families in our area who have adopted. Last night, due to some clicking around on Facebook, I connected with a family who has adopted a little guy from the same country as we are. They live in St. Louis, and their careers are basically the same as ours! I’m looking forward to getting together when them soon.

3 thoughts on “little adoption update

  1. Excited that you are getting close to a referral! And excited that you have found a family in your neck of the woods to connect with. I love how God is starting to unfold your story. Well, His story – through you!

  2. We want about 10,000,000 shirts. Hope that covers the cost. =)

    Love, love, love, love, love the song.Can’t believe I hadn’t seen the video until now. Apparently I need to take more interest in the stuff you listen to.

    Can’t believe this is really happening! Keep your heads high – you’re serving God well! =)

  3. Hi Natalie,
    I met Dan when he was here in Seattle summer of ’10 (he crashed in our living room). I am excited for this journey you two have started and hope you don’t mind me following along! I have 3 teenage sisters who were adopted from Ethiopia in 2008 & 2009. My husband and I plan on foster parenting and possibly adopting in the future. Do you have a specific country you plan to adopt from? Looking forward to the tshirts =)

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