residency programs: prayer needed

My sweet husband is getting ready to apply for medical residency programs all over the country. 

We’re looking for a program that’s a good fit for Dan and his interests, but we’re also considering the fact that we’ll probably be living in this city for 3+ years. If all goes well, we’ll have a child by the start of his program. And you know what? It wouldn’t be crazy to say we might have another child by the end of those 3+ years.

We did what we did when we were looking for apartments pre-wedding. We made a spreadsheet. On it, we have columns for factors we want to consider about individual programs/cities. He’s listed all the residency programs he’s interested in: Hospital/school, program length, and city. He added a column for cost of living change. We agreed on the weather and racial diversity columns. And I added columns for IKEA, walk score, schools, and safety. (We aren’t not so similar, you see?)

It seems silly to look at such trivial things, but in my experience, a load of trivial things piled on the pro side or con side do make a difference. And you guys, I love IKEA.

My husband handles stress like this: He acts like he’s really not stressed at all. I can’t even pick it up. And then, real quick, he’ll throw out the fact that he is, in fact, stressed. He did this recently. So, yeah, this is a stressful time for us. You could be praying for us, if you’re the praying sort. Between now and March 15th — MATCH DAY! ah! — our lives are going to be filled with a lot of communicating and decision making and uncertainty.

Pray for programs to be in interested in Dan, pray for Dan to get interviews in which he is himself (because he is so personable), pray for us to effectively communicate our desires to each other, pray for peace about one or more options, pray for us to know + believe God’s got us headed to (or staying in) the place that is absolutely right for us!


4 thoughts on “residency programs: prayer needed

  1. Ah, I went through this process last year and it is not fun and is very stressful. It all seems to work out in the end.

    We did the list thing too and it helped immensely. Also, once interviews roll around, I suggest adding a “residents” and “staff” category to each program. Some programs have lovely people to work with and other can make life fairly miserable and these are things that can only be added once you get to meet the people. Same goes for their level of family-friendlyness and flexibility. It made a big difference in our decision in addition to some of the exact same items you listed.

    I will pray for you guys and all that comes with the matching process.

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