the rough patches

Lots of worries popped up again today related to this adoption process. When we’re asked about employment and finances, I get nervous. We’re not your typical adoptive family. We qualify, no doubt, but it’s not always clear cut. My husband is a med student, our income is small, and our financial situation will be undergoing many changes in the next few years.

I know I need to buckle in for the ride this process is going to be. Yet, I forget. We hit a bump, and I feel my worries careen off the track with me in tow. I asked for prayer from friends related to the bumps, and quickly got this tweet from a sweet Twitter friend who I really barely know at all:

” I just remembered I had a dream last night that you + I were having this heart-to-heart chat about life. You said… ‘The rough patches are what make us lucky, because we’re then uniquely able to empathize with others.’ Wise woman! ;)”

Isn’t that just the best timing? The greatest reminder? And all from the dream of a Twitter friend!


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