weekend away: Indiana and outside Chicago

Our weekend away was really, really nice. We’ve been road-tripping sooo much since we got engaged, that I’d gotten kind of bitter about doing it. But we’re getting wiser about how we do our road trips, and I’m enjoying it more. We pack light, stock up on things to do and eat in the car, and don’t try to pack too many things into our schedule.

It has finally cooled down here in the Midwest, and we even got to drive through some light misty rain. My favorite! We got to Indiana after dinner time, but Dan’s mom saved us some delicious leftovers to eat. I got to meet one of Dan’s grandpas for the first time. Dan did his techie thing and fixed about every computer, Internet modem, and TV in the house. We had a big breakfast with everyone, including our one-year-old niece on Saturday morning. We missed our niece’s birthday part last weekend, but we got her a little grocery shopping set  — with an awesome rating on Amazon — to celebrate. We took lots and lots of pictures, and headed to Chicago for the wedding.

Dan’s friends’ wedding was very God-centered… more like a church service than a wedding. Their love for each other and God was so evident and unforced, which is always nice. We squeezed in a snack at Cookie Dough Creations in Naperville before the reception. (Cookie Dough Creations = pick one scoop of ice cream and one scoop of cookie dough and chow down. I blame my cousins for ever taking me there.) The reception was at a country club with really delicious food I couldn’t hardly eat because of the prior Cookie Dough Creations feast. I met some of Dan’s friends from college and got to talk more with others I had only met at our wedding. We danced like crazy for a while and headed back to our hotel.

We stayed at a Hyatt Place hotel, which we l-o-v-e. We discovered them when we went to Louisville and set out to stay at the most highly reviewed, yet affordable hotel. They’re new and modern, with contemporary, spacious rooms. And they have free (good!) breakfast and Internet. We slept in and lounged around for quite a while before checking out.

We made a stop at IKEA for a new bathmat, trivets, patterned napkins, and a duvet cover. We almost bought this cute, cheap highchair we’ve been eyeing. But friends of ours have had theirs for three years, so we’re hoping IKEA will keep carrying it until we’re closer to having a baby home with us!

We chatted and meal-planned and listened to podcasts during the drives. If I haven’t recommended The Moth and This American Life to you yet, I do now! They’re our favorites.


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