getting down, and getting up

Two things that can easily get you down: Social media and the adoption process.

I’ve taken to unfollowing and unsubscribing to people on social media who fill my feeds with too much whining or negativity or controversy or immaturity. I don’t make a big deal about it. No “I just cut 100 people from my friend list, so if you still see this congratulations” sort of stuff. Just a couple little clicks and I’m on my way to feeds filled with uplifting quotes, fun stories, cute pictures, and really funny posts.

The adoption process can be a roller coaster. I get down when there’s a lull in the action. And right now, we’ve got a lull in the action. But adoption is not my life. It’s not my idol. And it’s not even what I think most about. So that feels really good so far. (More on how we’re keeping sane during the adoption process later on!)

Two things that can easily get you up: Board games, family, wedding, road trips, and IKEA.

Tonight, we’re playing Pop 5 with two of Dan’s old roommates. This game rocks. And we made some orange cream jello pie. (We sub orange everything for the lime in this recipe).

Tomorrow, we’re setting off for some much needed catch up time with Dan’s family, a wedding in Chicago, a relaxing stay at a hotel, and a quick run through IKEA. I’m excited to disconnect from work/social media/busyness and reconnect with my husband, family, and friends!


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