one hard experience

Written several weeks ago… 

Note to others: Don’t move around a lot if you plan to adopt in the next five years. Well, move around all you want, but be prepared to persevere through the background checks you’ll need to do for every single place you’ve spent more than a little bit of time. I have never doubted our timing in adopting now, but dang, I moved a lot in the last five years. I spent nearly every summer in some place besides where I was going to school. I spent several summers in places that are kind of difficult to get background checks from… NYC and, yes, Taiwan!

Last night, I used Google Voice to call as many Taiwanese phone numbers as I could find that looked like they maybe had something to do with background checks. I spoke to several really sweet people who just didn’t know what I should be sending where. But finally, a woman at the child and juvenile office in Taipei came onto the line. She took down my email, and she promised she’d find out what I needed to know. Within ten minutes, I finally had the information I had been waiting several days to get. It’s honestly been a big pain to get these background checks from Taiwan.

But then I remember this: My desire to adopt has been continually intensified by the experiences I’ve had at orphanages in Jamaica, Liberia, and Taiwan. Especially by my experience in Taiwan. Those experiences stripped me of my romanticized views of orphans, orphanages, and adoption. And I am thankful for that! But my desire to me a mother to kids who don’t share my genes has only increased.

So while calling random phone numbers in Taiwan, I remember where I was two years ago today, June 26.

Isn’t it fun how our experiences shape our future desires and passions? Isn’t it neat how one hard, challenging, yet wonderful experiences prepares us for another hard, challenging, yet wonderful experience? 

And then, recently…

After sending off two documents to two separate places in Taiwan, with a translation of my letter using Google Translate (sorry for all the errors, people in Taiwan who saw it!), my Taiwan checks came back! I kept having visions of them lost somewhere between here and Taiwan, so this was so awesome!


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