summer + early fall to-do list

Dan and I sat down recently to make a list of fun + practical things we want to experience + accomplish this summer. But we made it kind of late into the summer, so in the interest of time, it’s turned into a summer and early fall to-do list.

Here you have it:

+ Organize and “style” the ugly bookcase in the office/future baby room. Right now it has books, notebooks, school supplies, medical equipment, a load of cords and chargers, and craft supplies. It is not attractive.

+ Make a stuffed animal for our future baby. I have visions of an elephant or giraffe made out of African fabric. Any idea where one purchases African fabric? My only stuffed animal sewing experience was an imp in middle school, so please be forgiving future baby. (update: African fabric = purchased!)

+ Bake Grandma’s French silk pie. I’ve used her recipes before, and they never turn out quite as they want them to, but I’m determined this will be the one that’s dead on.

+ Visit Elephant Rocks State Park. It’s just looks so awesome. This will probably be one of those early fall activities, because the heat in St. Louis is killing us right now.

+ See Passion Pit in Memphis. Enough said.

+ Go night swimming. Our apartment building’s pool technically closes at 8p, so this might involve some rule-breaking, but I think it will be worth it!

+ Grill outside. Our apartment building also has one of those in-ground/built-in grills outside. It’s kind of a hassle to use it, but man do I love grilled chicken.

+ Eat at an African restaurant. We don’t plan to go Africa crazy up in here now that we’ve announced we’re adopting from an African country, but we do plan to educate ourselves a bit more. We love food, so this’ll be a good way to do it!

+ Put our wedding photos in an album. They’ve been sitting on the floor in our office for months now.

+ Have lots of friends over. We’ve got a list of people who want to come over, it’s just a matter of coordinating schedules. Pop 5 will be played.

Another goal: To blog each of these things. What’s on your summer to-do list?

night swimming in Louisville

4 thoughts on “summer + early fall to-do list

  1. Haha, I remember making those imps…
    and, I miss playing Pop 5.
    So excited about your adoption news and it’s so exciting that you are starting to prepare!

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