the mice

Another previously written post:

So, we did it. We made our first baby purchase. Now that we’re officially “in the process” of adopting, I felt it was time.

I read that our agency allows us to send care packages to our baby. It’s not an easy — or cheap — process to get one over there, so we’ll probably only send one or two. Someone recommended we send a recordable book, photo of us, and a security blanket with our scent on it. When I volunteered at the orphanage in Taiwan, I saw parents send all these things and more. Of them, a security blanket seemed to be what the babies loved most.

Since we have a good idea of when we’ll be getting a referral — “assigned” to a child, we decided to get a little blankie for our future baby now. So we can get our scent in there really well, I guess? Ha.

I hit Amazon to find the most highly rated security blanket. I found a brand with a multitude of options, and we narrowed them down to our top picks. We decided on a gray blanket with little nubs and a bear-like mouse head. (I know, weird sounding, right? I don’t know how to describe baby things yet.) I wish I knew the term of these kind of blankets… They’re really kind of strange. We got two, as I’ve heard moms say is best, in case one gets lost. We’ll send one in a care package and leave one with us at home.

And, to get “our scent” on them, we’ve been sleeping with the mice every night. Yes, it’s weird, but just being honest: I slept with my blankie until I moved to St. Louis two years ago, and I might kind of miss it. I know full well that our scent will probably come off by the time the mouse blanket makes it over to our baby, but it’s still oddly comforting to clutch the thing to my chest at night. While we’re in the early stages this process, I really like the extra little reminders that we REALLY GET TO DO THIS. We immensely blessed by this simple ability.

And seeing the cuteness that is Dan fast asleep with the little plush mouse head tucked next to his head is pricelessSilly or not, sleeping with little blankets with mouse heads has been kind of fun.


5 thoughts on “the mice

  1. We have one of those soft blankets/snuggle buddies (ours is an elephant), and our 4-mo. old daughter loves it. I didn’t realize just how much until last night when she wiggled her way past a closer toy to get to that one. I’m pretty sure your future bundle of joy will love it, too.

  2. Sam’s lovey of choice is one of those – but the dog version – and it’s named Bob. I have a feeling he will be bringing it to college with him….. good choice!

  3. You two bring back memories, even to a great-grandma. I had a small black, plush Scottie with a red nose when I was small. They say that I tucked the four legs under my chin when I slept. I also had a brown teddy bear which became quite threadbare. I know that pets are very comforting to elderly people as well as children. You have made a wise choice. I pray that everything is going smoothly for you, and I’m anxious to know the sex and a name for “your” baby. GBY

  4. My son has had his for over 2 years. he has the exact same one. the store we bought it at closed down and i cant read the tag anymore to see the brand. we are having a second child and i want to get him/her one also. could you read your tag and maybe tell me the name of it or brand?! i have spent hours on the internet trying to find them! you would be a life saver!

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