telling family

I wrote several blog post drafts when we started the adoption process, but I didn’t post them, because we wanted to keep our little secret between just a few people a bit longer. Here’s one of several more to come. 

We had just stuffed ourselves with crepes, and Dan’s mom and sisters went to the restroom before setting out on their drive back to Indiana. “Should we tell them?” I asked him. “Or maybe just ask them to pray for our  decision?” We have been praying a lot about adoption. Looking and listening everywhere for confirmation (or not) that God was okay with us starting the process very soon. “Yeah, let’s do it,” Dan said.

We stepped outside onto the sidewalk, and Dan pulled me in beside him, and we asked them for prayer. “We just want to ask you to be praying for us, because we are thinking about starting the adoption process. We’re not sure when with my residency program and all that, but please be praying,” he said. All I heard was Dan’s mom saying, “okay… okay…,” and all I saw was Stephanie’s big smile.

We’ve been asking our families to pray. And it’s weird, really. I know they’re surprised we’re asking them to pray this soon, but not necessarily surprised that we want to adopt. We’re surprised, too. Surprised at what God can do in two hearts who love each other very much. Two hearts that love the idea of growing our family of two by adoption.

Should we be surprised, though? No. Not at all.


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