working, working

It’s weird to think I’ve already (almost) been at my job for a month. Where does time go, people?

Overall, it’s been really great. I showed up and quickly figured out that the cases I’d be in charge of weren’t just foster families but foster families adopting their foster kids. I had originally looked for this kind of position, but I was told over and over again that adoption work is so much more uplifting than other social work positions that people who have those jobs stay in those jobs… thus, they rarely become available.

I’m not sure how it all worked out, but my agency’s adoption specialist must have decided to leave her job in the time between when I interviewed and started, and my supervisor decided I would be a good fit for the position! God was a-workin’ without my knowledge of the situation. (And that is something I need to remember in all situations!) 

My job will include all that’s involved in the adoption of kids on my agency’s caseload from the foster care system. In many cases, it will be completing child summaries and home studies for the foster parents with whom the child already lives. Sometimes, I’ll need to post our kids’ profiles on local and national websites to recruit an appropriate family for them. It will also a lot of official government paperwork, but let’s focus on the other aspects… 🙂

It is a joy to get to work a job that is so instrumental in the adoption of kids who have lived good chunks of their lives outside of a safe, loving, supportive family environment. And it’s also super fun to finally have a full-time, non-internship position. I like being busy at work and getting to determine what I work on when. And I’m looking forward to meeting all the kids, families, and support staff involved in adoptions from the foster care system.

Sometimes I get bored in evening… (I know, stupid, right? It’s hard when you’ve had homework for the past 18 years!) Overall, though, this post-graduation, working woman life has been really nice so far! 


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