why I blog

So, why do I blog? A few reasons…

+ I like writing, and now that I’ve headed away from journalism, I truly miss it. It’s therapeutic for me, and it’s part of that “self care” we learn is necessary to be in a helping profession.

+ I generally communicate far better in writing than I do verbally. While I value online friendships, blogging also allows me to show a more true self to those with whom I have real life friendships. (And after all, my husband said he became even more interested in me and my heart/passions/desires/interests after discovering my blog! Yeah.)

+ I get to share my passions with you. I’m not a woman of lots of very deep passions. And I’m not terribly outspoken. But things like living a simple yet challenging life, dating well, having a healthy marriage, advocating for those who can’t speak for themselves, and conveying God’s goodness in all I do are things that I’m passionate about. You can be yelled at all day by blogs and Facebook posts of people who think you need to give more money to orphans or go outside of your comfort zone. I’d rather just tell my story well and let you see all the passion personally tied up in that for me.

+ Similarly, I believe I should tell a story with my life. God is writing a story of my life that will be so wonderfully lovely and so terribly challenging at times. For me, personally, I believe He wants me to tell it.

+ Like it or not, it’s a good way to share information with a lot of friends and family. I couldn’t tell our engagement story to every one of our relatives, but I was able to write about it here.

+ I say this humbly: I’ve known of people who have felt significantly impacted by the things I write about here… and how I write about them. Thanks to those of you who’ve shared that impact with me! I have learned over and over again the value of appropriate transparency in life. Also, if I make one person reconsider their faith or consider adoption, I’m happy.


4 thoughts on “why I blog

  1. This post echoes my sentiments exactly. Love it, Natalie, and love your heart, too! Keep putting to words the story that God is writing in your life!

  2. … and a question: For how long a blog must go on? Or, in other words, may a blog have some targets beyond of itself? In fact I have many questions about the engine of blogging soul, but I don’t want to ask all of them at once…

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