road trip

I’m heading off for a road trip with my husband for the weekend!
After loads of pre- and post-wedding travel, I vowed to spend as much time at home in St. Louis as possible. But my desire to explore new places always gets the best of me.

We’re going to Louisville! Plans include relaxing, staying out of the heat, enjoying our hotel, eating good food (and ice cream), looking at art, and seeing how baseball bats are made.

And our in-the-car plans include listening to my newly downloaded Bossypants audio book, listening to podcasts, having silly chats, and signing.

Any Louisville or in-the-car recommendations?


2 thoughts on “road trip

  1. Road tripping with the hubby is one of my favorite activities! Have fun!
    And may I suggest Drinking and/or eating things you would not usually touch in the car. Yeah, I always bring carrot sticks, but there is something about chips and tea and beef jerky that just makes it more fun.

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