a famous blogger

For those who read this blog on Google Reader or other RSS readers, you’ve probably missed the excitement. My post, Film Photos From Lately, has been featured on WordPress’ homepage all week, and it’s still there. I have gotten a ton of comments, likes, and blog follows. It’s really exciting and pretty fun (though I should have turned off the notification emails long ago).

Truth be told WordPress chose a post that’s probably far more interesting to the general public than my usual posting about social work, orphans, married life, and Pinterest… and how all those things relate to my faith. So, new blog followers, I’m sorry if you blindly followed hoping for tips and tricks on film photography. 

A friend asked me if I was becoming a famous blogger. Which is interesting, because I’ve kind of always really wanted to be — but also really not wanted to be — a famous blogger.

I’ve always really wanted to be a famous blogger, because honestly, I kind of feed off of people’s praise and approval. Getting blog comments or Facebook posts is something I really enjoy. Unless they’re mean or weird, it makes me feel good… But should I feed off of online, “non-real life” relationships and praise? Should I even be feeding off of real life praise and approval? Oh, and wouldn’t being able to make money off of blog ads? Wouldn’t that be fun? Meh.

I’ve always felt uneasy about bloggers who pine for comments and followers so much so that they alienate their real life friends and family with requests to post their blog link all over. Or request everyone to “like” their blog page on Facebook.

Maybe that’s right for some people, but it’s just not for me. I like a healthy line between business and personal interests. And we all know it’s kind of annoying when people do stuff like that.

So, really, for now, I don’t want to be a famous blogger. Life is sweet, thrilling, and challenging… What’s wrong with only sharing some things with real life friends? Or even just keeping some things a secret from most everyone?

I want to write things that people find challenging or interesting or touching or even beautiful. I want to post pictures that pretty or fun to view. I want to allow online and real life friends to get to know me by little peeks into my life and mind. But I want to keep a certain degree of simplicity and privacy, too. I don’t want to feel chained to writing a post a day or keeping up some other quota that determines “success” in blogging. 

More on why I blog soon…


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