film photos from lately

One of my goals for my 24th year of life is to take more film photos.

I love anxiously waiting to see how photos will turn out. I love the graininess that film naturally gives photos. And, though it’s expensive to buy film and pay developing fees, I really like the permanency of printed photos.

I fondly remember nights sitting in my parents’ laundry room going through the boxes of photos by mom has stored there. The little glimpses of my parents before I was born and of me before I remember truly fascinated me. And I just really, really love the idea of my future children and grandchildren being able to do the same. 

These are some photos from my most recent roll of film:


I’m so honored to be featured on Freshly Pressed!

An introduction: I’m a 20-something newlywed social worker doing foster care and adoption work while living in the lovely Midwest. The husband is a med student, and he is, by far, my favorite person. He blogs here from time to time.

I am also… a daughter of the Living God, an orphan advocate, a wannabe adoptive mom, a huge fan of my church, a resident of St. Louis City, a good music/movie/book lover, a film photography hobbyist.

I mostly blog about… adoption + foster caresocial workfaith + Jesus, and married life.


119 thoughts on “film photos from lately

  1. I love your work. Film is real. Digital is fun but too synthetic. With film you get closer to organic life. Ansel Adams would not be. If it were not for film. I do highly reccomend his series. Adams, Ansel. The Camera The Print The Negative (The New Ansel Adams Photography Series, Book 1.2.3) You are well on your way with film. One thing I like playing with is developing C-41 film as slide film and vica versa a process called cross processing. Lots of fun.

  2. Instagram’s got NOTHING on real film. You’re pictures help prove that. The sentiment isn’t forced on the viewer, it isn’t manufactured and thus…fake. It is real. It CAPTURES the moment. My favorite is the fourth down from the top, the solar glare through the trees on a quiet street. It reminds me of summer time, in the early evening after we’ve had dinner and the sun is still barely up.

    Above all, like you, I like discovering that box of old photographs years later and having that same feeling when I look at the picture again. Like a time machine that is able to transport me to another place and suddenly I can remember the air, the trees, the warmth. Really, only the aging of true film photographs capture the moment, time and time again…

    Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Great pictures! I love film as well, I’m happy so many people are still keeping this process alive.

  4. Just like how e-readers can never replace actual book , films can never replace the digital ones.. I totally agree with you.. Sitting with a box of old photos and reminiscing is just bliss..When I heard the news about Kodak’s bankruptcy I was so sad..
    Great pictures 🙂

    1. the tree is at Falls Park in Greenville, SC. I watched a group of kids and a few adults place the masks in its roots, photograph it several times, and then move the masks elsewhere in the park. no idea what it was, other than an art project!

      1. That tree with its amazing visual root system is a very popular subject for photographs, as well as the Liberty Bridge over the Reedy River and falls you took in Greenville, SC.

  5. I love this post! I agree! I am just now taking a real interest in photography for that same reason… self-preservation, documenting my life, etc… I’ve always taken photos with my digital cameras, but now am trying out vintage cameras.

  6. You protecting the flower whom admires the lightness . The ground and at the same time a kind of heaven . Congrats . All we followers are celebrating your work and that moment of you state of soul . Congrats, congrats and more congrats . 🙂

  7. i am reading this blog post from ghana, but i have a photo with that same tree. greenville, yes? the world is small, indeed. i would post the photo here, but i wager that’s impossible…

  8. one day kids will be desperately trying to make old cell phones, and broken down computers work so they can see old pictures.

  9. Nice! I’ve thought about pulling out my old negatives to have some of them scanned in. The pictures have faded (15-30 year old photos), but I’ve heard the negatives last much longer. I’ve gone digital but I loved my OM-1!

  10. I worked in film labs back in the 70’s. I was actually one of the few people who processed C41 film for Fotomat back in the day. Digital photography just cannot match the honesty of film photography. Thanks for posting your photographs and I hope to see more.

  11. Beautiful images. I also am planning to take photos using a film roll but they are expired I think, hopefully I will have some spare time soon to do it because I’m kinda excited and curious as to what an ‘expired film” will turn out to be. 😛

  12. ive recently begun using film too. its wonderful. sure, its expensive, but u cant quite get the same look using digital. dont get me wrong, i love my digital cameras as well, but i always enjoy using different film cameras now…be it an SLR, a rangefinder, or even a toy camera like a holga/diana etc. u can cut costs down a bit (and add a lot of fun) by processing ur own film…b/w film is very easy to process, and color film is not that hard either!

  13. The one with the tree and magic hour is beautiful. You’re very right about conventional film photography. Digital cameras have made us lazy and unappreciated of what photography’s been all about; The satisfaction of wait. I remember my family waiting for the prints to arrive after family vacations and all of us fighting over who gets to see them first. 🙂

  14. I agree with you about film. I love the magic of it, waiting in anticipation to see if a photo turned out as you’d imagined. Great photos. Love the perspective on the flowers in the window!

  15. I’ve been shooting 35mm for the last 6 years. I only started shooting digital last year. Nothing beats Ilford 400 B&W…there is this natrual texture to film that you just can’t reproduce authentically with digital.

  16. Great job. All your photos are keepers. I have many printed photos from 20 to 100 years old that are invaluable to my family’s history. Those old photos demand a lot of TLC, but it’s time and effort well spent.

  17. love the photo of the flowers and the setting sun shining through the trees. i am absolutely with you on photo storing in boxes! i am doing that, too 🙂 and albums as well 🙂 keep on! 🙂

  18. I’m so glad I ran into your blog. First very cool pictures, the picture with your feet reminded me of a scene from Me and You and Everyone we know, but as I read on I see that you write about fostering and that is something I have recently been considering. I am going to subscribe to your blog in hopes to hear more about this!

  19. Great photos! I like hardcopy photos too! I was slow in getting to the digital world and I miss the days of anticipation…. waiting for my prints to come in (but I like the instant gratification of digital!).

    Hours spent pouring over a box of old photos is a marvelous way to pass a rainy afternoon…

  20. I love the photo of the tree lined street, and the giant tree root.
    I have boxes of old pictures from film which I intend to leave for my kids to clean out after I die. I am totally attached to them, but I’m sure they will not mean much to them without some narrative about who is in it, and where it was taken, and why.
    Don’t count on all of it surviving either. Lots of my pictures are moisture damaged and moldy. Many more were attacked by chemicals leaching out of photo album covers.
    Just take lots of pictures because it pleases you, and don’t be concerned about posterity.

  21. I am one of the fan of Film photos. But film is not exact of our life but some thing must be happen in our life like film.

  22. Very nice selection of photographs. I, too, miss the days of film. There were times that grain was an integral part of my image. I also think that having a limited supply of images you can take makes you a better photographer in the long run. I just did an experiment and working on a post about it – I decided to go to one of my favorite places and “shoot one roll of film” with my DSLR. I limited myself to 36 images. I may start doing it more often.

    Keep up the good work – I look forward to seeing more.

  23. wow, love that hot dog sign! a very Fine Picture, which is what FP really stands for – although you managed to be Freshly Pressed as well 🙂
    congrats & happy clicking (and waiting for the film to be developed)! 😀

  24. The one with the sunset on the street for some reason, looks like it belongs in the film “Interview With A Vampire” to me. Nice shot. Captured a mood perfectly.

  25. Hi Natalie,
    if you like photography and books, check out my post on the best-selling book: “Ottawa, Canada” by William McElligott (an architectural photographer)…it has beautiful pics and is THE book about Ottawa since about 20 years ago.

  26. Those are some really beautiful photographs! You really should take more! I would love to see them. Also, may I use your photograph of the flowers on my blog? I would give you photo creds of course!

  27. I like the helpful information you provide in your articles. I’ll bookmark your weblog and check again here regularly. I am quite certain I will learn plenty of new stuff right here! Good luck for the next!

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