Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day is different.

It’s the first in which I have two moms to thank God for and love, recognize, and appreciate. And it’s the first in which my husband, Dan, gets to share his mom with me. And I get to share my mom with him.

So, my two moms… I appreciate the way you set an example for me in marriage and motherhood. I admire the ways you use your talents and interests to bless others. I covet your prayers, because I know you pray earnestly and frequently for me. You are an absolute blessing to us. I love you!


One thought on “Mother’s Day

  1. I was happy to spend time yesterday with your mother, Natalie, who is also my daughter. We had lunch at Panera’s, visited two quilt stores, reminisced about sewing I had done when she was a young girl and quilts my mother had made. We finished our lunch with a sundae at McDonald’s and then came inside here at Summit Pointe to watch the birds in our aviary. It has been given to us recently by another facility. Your Mom counted at least 15 birds. Some would peek their head out from an enclosed nest, and one is setting in an open basket. She finally left her nest long enough for us o see the two tiny eggs. There are chairs lined up in the room, and several people sit to watch the birds or even snooze a while. You and Dan, have a good day and new week. May both of you have a great day, with both your mothers on MSW day.

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