Pinterest success: oven-baked bacon

Our obsessive trying of Pinterest recipes and ideas has died off a bit… But on occasion, there are still a few I can’t pass up.

Most recent success: oven-baked bacon. 

It was quick, easy, and greasy… Grease on the floor and grease on my shirt. But other than that, awesome! We’ve used it to make bacon for omelets, quiche, and general snacking now.

The Pinterest pin I used linked to this recipe. Is really reputable for food preparation? Probably not. But it worked great!

Also, still making pretzel bites. Note: they taste horrible if you replace sugar with Splenda. We’ve been trying to cut sugar out of our diet, but Splenda pretzel bites just aren’t going to cut it.

Last time we made them, Dan yelled from the kitchen, “One of these pretzel bites looks like a rat!”


One thought on “Pinterest success: oven-baked bacon

  1. The bacon looks delicious !! Two of my problems are cholesterol and diabetes so I no longer eat bacon at all. I do like omelets and have started using egg beaters plus adding chopped, frozen pieces of onion, green pepper, red pepper, and celery that come in a small bag in the frozen vegetable section. An older lady here told me about those. Splenda is another thing. It doesn’t agree with me so I leave it alone completely. Keep experimenting !
    Your big day is coming quickly.

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