birds, again

These little guys are truly bringing joy to our lives. They’ve lately been flapping and stretching their legs.

These pictures are only about four days apart! See how fast they’re growing?



2 thoughts on “birds, again

  1. Birds truly are delightful. Yours are cuter than our Iowa eagles, but how well the parents care for the little ones. Do the mourning doves eat worms? The adult eagles bring fish and small animals to the nest and put small pieces of meat in the beaks of the babies. The doves certainly trust you and Dan to live where they can see all your activity in the kitchen.
    Grandma M.

  2. our puppy brings me so much joy – after a long day of work, or errands. she’s just so happy to see us and play!

    it’s crazy, because i was never a dog person…now i don’t know what i’d do without her!

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