bird update

They’ve definitely hatched! Momma (or papa?) never seems to get off the nest. But I got a glimpse of them for about three minutes the other day! Weird lookin’, aren’t they?


See the tail poking out from underneath in that last one? So cute!


5 thoughts on “bird update

  1. How exciting !! God allows us to see more and more of His creation. I’m glad you had left the screen up for this year’s nest. Apparently that spot had been chosen before. In many parts of the world, people are also enjoying Iowa’s bald eagle style of parenting. The adult pair must mate for life and continue returning to the same nest. There were three eggs this year, all have hatched, and the family is doing well. A maintenance man was able to see one adult bring a whole fish to the nest yesterday and start pulling it apart with his/her beak and put little pieces of meat in the beaks of the babies. They are fuzzy and tumble over each other. I check on them several times a day. Go to Google and type in Decorah eagle cam 2012. Thanks for sharing your bird family with the rest of us.

  2. Aww, how sweet! We have a turtledove nest, and a sparrow nest, in the trees right by my house. Unfortunately, no windows to see them from :(. But I love hearing the cooing!
    Thanks for sharing the pics!

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