spring break in STL

photo by We Are the Parsons

Another perk of being a med student: Only one day + the weekend off for spring break. But, goodness knows we’re going to take advantage of it! (It’s gotten a bit busy/stressful on my front as work duties ramp up, senioritis sets in, and the job search continues to turn up very little. I’ve been quite looking forward to this break.)

We’re doing a little staycation/explore our own city time. St. Louis is great.

Plans include the following:

Tonight: Night out in the suburbs at Drury Plaza which includes free food and drinks, a pool, and a fancy hotel room!

Tomorrow: Using our Olive Garden gift card while out in the suburbs, and a Groupon for cupcakes. Also, redeeming another Groupon-style offer for two tickets to a performance by the Modern American Dance Company.

Saturday: The Botanical Garden in the morning while it’s free, redeeming a Groupon for gelato, and the William Fitzsimmons concert.

Sunday: Church with our church family, and watching the wild kiddos during the first service. Nap, and hopefully some time outside in the afternoon.

Yay, staycation! 


3 thoughts on “spring break in STL

  1. omygoodness, just left a comment on your “about me” page, but we were at the fitzsimmons concert last weekend in STL, too! crazy!

    also we LOVED it! =]

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