two soapboxes

I am a woman of a few very public passions. Generally, I believe personal conversations are the best spaces to voice those, though not always. I’m feeling sassy tonight, so here it goes…

Soapbox #1: Be critical of causes and organizations you support. Know the history of the problem they intend to address. Know how change occurs in that country or with that population. Often change happens by the efforts of the people most directly impacted by the problem. Be critical of where your kindly donated money goes.* (I recommend Charity Navigator for monetary support decisions!) …And my goodness, please don’t jump on some bandwagon because it is hip and creative.

And, while I’m at it…

Soapbox #2: [I’m serious about this.] Go to the dermatologist. Keep an eye out for skin cancer by knowing what is not normal. Especially if you are as fair skinned, blue eyed, and freckled as me. After a skin cancer scare five years ago, I have moped and complained about going to the dermatologist, but I still do. I don’t like getting my skin scraped off, but I know doctors know more than me and that it’s worth it to be cautious.

*And if I might, can I recommend you support Vision Trust, Compassion International, or ABBA Fund?  


3 thoughts on “two soapboxes

  1. I agree, and I agree !! You are a very wise young woman. I am frequently asked to contribute to this or that, but I am quite selective. You are loved by many, and I am thankful you see a dermatologist when recommended.

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