pinterest successes

Pinterest continues to be my favorite way to waste time. Here are some recent successes:

egg boats



Instead of getting the little individual loaves, Dan + I got one big loaf. I cut it in half, though, not thinking. Rookie mistake. We tried to shove the ends together, but the egg/cheese/pancetta mixture seeped out a bit. But, this was still delicious! We got cheap, grocery-store loaves, and once they crisped up in the oven, they were just as good as more expensive bread would be, in my opinion. We cut it into little width-wide pieces. And if pancetta isn’t readily available, I’m sure bacon or ham bits would be delicious! Must do this again soon the right way.

Nutella mug cake



No self-rising flour, so we made our own. We split this into two separate ramekins and microwaved it for almost as long as was suggested for a mug. It is rich — almost richer than I like — but still super delicious.

pudding mix cookies



I’ve probably made these five times in the past month. So easy, and so delicious. I’ve done chocolate chips and M&Ms, but other candies and nuts would definitely work really well! Keep an eye on them in the oven, because they don’t need to be in long and they burn quickly.

clothesline picture frame



We made three of these to display pictures at our wedding reception. I got the frames at Hobby Lobby during a sale, and we just pitched the glass and backing. Instead of using wire, we used yellow + white baker’s twine. I didn’t like the look of the circular screws from the one I saw on Pinterest, so Dan carefully hammered tiny nails in the back to tie the twine onto. This was truly Dan’s project — not mine — and he made them look so awesome! This one hangs in our kitchen.

Another social media form I’ve recently fallen in love with: Instagram!

[This post was inspired by Please Pass the Pierces!]


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