Our wedding went off without a hitch. Truly exceeded my expectations. We pray God was glorified, magnified, praised. 

The honeymoon… well, that did not. Non-existant flights, lost bags, left behind cell phone, missed train, extra money spent on clothes and new train tickets, feeling sick. But it was wonderful. Dan makes the absolute best travel partner. So good at things I am not. The staff at our first hotel was amazing, and our second hotel upgraded us to their very best room.

And real life is lovelier. 

More soon, of course. Until then, pictures from Leah!


4 thoughts on “wedding

  1. glad you were able to make the best out of your honeymoon mishaps and still have a wonderful time! continue enjoying married life 🙂

    1. my heart is gleeful for you — only the beginning of adventures for the Mr & Mrs. Spain was fortunate to have you; lost luggage and all!

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