the last few months

These last couple months of engagement have flown by but not without their own issues.

In the past two months, both Dan and I have backed into/pulled into another car. Dan’s car was broken into. Stolen: A really nice suitcase full of a bunch of junk on its way to Goodwill. Dan’s car’s transmission went out. We’ve been sick. We’ve been really tired. We went through some apartment moving drama. Dan started a new hospital rotation that has a highly ambiguous schedule… Different every day, no set end time at all. We’ve travelled all around the Midwest, it seems. We spent a hard five days apart. (Yes, we’re wimps, I know.) We’ve had fights. And it seems like every emotion I’ve felt has manifested itself in tears… 🙂

And I love this man and my God more than last month. I’m excited to live a life glorifying to God with Dan. I’m excited to make mistakes with him. I’m excited to go through challenges with him. I’m excited to struggle to live out what I know it means to be a good wife. And I’m excited to submit all of it… Money, time, struggles, decisions to God with Dan. 


4 thoughts on “the last few months

  1. My dear Natalie, I’m glad you love Dan and God more than last month !! I woke this morning thinking of you and the short time until your wedding. Now I know better how to pray for both of you. Your Mom and I are meeting today for lunch, to celebrate her birthday. I thank God every day for each one of my family members. Grandma M.

  2. This is a beautiful post, Natalie. You are living out your life and facing it all, both the good and the bad, with such a wonderful attitude. You and Dan are going to have the time of your life together! I can’t wait to see you both so very soon. We will be in prayer for these next few weeks!

  3. Bahaha. This post made me laugh, but only because I still remember what engagement is like. I wish we lived in the same town, my friend. But I’m excited to see you soon and to see you get married to such an awesome guy!

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