foster care + attachment

“The most common response to the news that you foster parent is ‘I couldn’t do that, I’d get too attached.’ The answer to that is that in fact, that’s the job — kids need attachments, they need love and care, they need you to get attached to them, and help them attach to you. There’s a reason why this job cannot be done by institutions or robots – they need people who will fall in love with them, advocate for them and stand for them.”

— “The Story of M.” at Casaubon’s Book 


One thought on “foster care + attachment

  1. You are so right. That is the most common response we get. Really, they are right, we can’t do it either, but by the grace of God we do it anyways, knowing that in some small way we, through Christ, are making a difference in that child’s life. Lots and lots of tears, many ,many joys.

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