back soon

Yes, my dad is right. Since beginning to date Mr. Dan, my blogging has been a bit infrequent.

I’ll be back more in a couple weeks, but until then, I’m in the midst of…

+ figuring out my summer class/work schedule

+ doing home visits, supervised visits and court hearings for foster kiddos

+ writing papers, preparing presentations, studying for finals

+ enjoying spring wonderfulness

+ travelling to Muscatine and Indianapolis, and planning a trip to San Francisco

+ keeping more clothes in my closet than on my floor

+ tweeting for @Ad_VenturePro

Life is truly fun.


3 thoughts on “back soon

  1. Our family seems to be two-sided. Your uncle and aunt in Seattle are the Neat freaks, and you tend to be more like me. I don’t keep clothes on the floor but in other inappropriate places instead of the closet. Oh well, we all have our priorities. Enjoy each day the Lord has given us !!

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