child abuse and neglect prevention as ministry

I’m lucky to know (and follow on Twitter) a guy from my old church who works for Children’s Division. He spins foster care issues in a way I hadn’t considered before.

Here are some thoughts from him…

According to Child Protective Services, in 2009 over 1,700 American children died of abuse or neglect.

Most often reported issue to child abuse hotline: children left unsupervised. Reach out and meet your neighbor. They may need a babysitter.

60% of MO kids enter foster care due to neglect. Top issues: lack of supervision, unsanitary living conditions, homelessness.

Neighbors can help neighbors with child neglect. Babysit, lend a trash can, help with small home repairs. A little community makes a big difference.

Keep your eyes open for those around you who need to be served and supported in order to better care for their children. 


2 thoughts on “child abuse and neglect prevention as ministry

  1. Your Grandpa M. was good about befriending the neighborhood kids by repairing bicycles, etc. One day a child came to our door and asked if my Daddy could come out and play. It’s true we can’t always see abuse, neglect, or lack of attenton. I suppose we should even tell authorities when we see the behavior of some parents in public places. GM

  2. totally agree with you natalie! if every person, or even just Christian, would love their neighbor (literally like their next door neighbor!), there would be fewer needs for organizations like these, and more kids and families could be helped before things went to far!

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