in His image

Before starting my job, I was concerned about how I would feel toward the parents with whom we work. People who are addicted to drugs and alcohol, people who neglect to bathe and feed their kids, people who beat their kids. I’m supposed to help these people meet court-ordered goals, so they can have their kids back in their homes?

It’s been a process… And, really, I’m shocked by the amount of compassion I can muster up when sitting next to these parents.

But should I be shocked?

Don’t I know that just as I was created in the image of God, so were these people? Don’t I know that the same Jesus who gave His life to atone my sins, gave His life to atone the sins of these parents? Don’t I know that they were fearfully and wonderfully made just as I believe I was?

They are His children, too. He’s pursuing them just as He’s pursued me. And if my extension of compassion toward them makes them see any reflection of Him, I have no response but to be compassionate.


2 thoughts on “in His image

  1. I can certainly see your point of view. We are appalled by the habits and behavior of those who live and act so differently than we do. We can thank God for the parents and grandparents we’ve had. In a lot of the reading I’ve done, I have concluded that many actions are learned from the parents. Some people are so mistreated, they take out their anger and revenge on others. It’s true, we need to show them the love of God if we expect them to change. You are in a wonderful position to give them Hope. You are in my prayers!

  2. One of my favorite posts of yours yet. Wow, I can’t even imagine how difficult that must be. Praise God that he’s given you this perspective. For me it’s a daily struggle to forgive others who have made such big mistakes, ruined others’ lives. Much easier to condemn & judge than try and understand and see with God’s love. You’re so strong! 🙂

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