I need to be writing a paper. But more than that I need to process some things and give you a glimpse into foster care world.

There’s a fine line between what details I can share and what I can’t. Just know that this situation was even more horrifying than what I say.

A large sibling group was taken into foster care a couple months ago with bruises all over their bodies. Bruises on their feet. So bad that some of them couldn’t walk without being in extreme pain. Details came out related to child pornography and sexual abuse lumped on top of the physical abuse. Each child is facing major issues related to it. Depression, suicidal attempts, attachment disorders, developmental delays. My co-workers have seen and heard a lot, and I have seen them tear up when talking about this case.

The world and the people in it… even young children… are so broken. And that is easy to dwell on.

Today I was able to meet a couple of the kids and the foster mom. And hear of the great, almost unbelievable progress the kids have made since coming into foster care only a couple months ago. They have a home where they feel safe and loved, and it emanates from them when they are near their foster parents. These foster parents have gone to such great lengths to get the kids all the care and treatment they need, and the kids have flourished. I don’t mean to be dramatic, but seriously. Read the case report, see the kids, and you would be astounded.


Child abuse reported. Biological parents held accountable. Sacrificial foster parents. Huge emotional and psychological progress among the kids. God’s goodness shines through yet again.

On top of this overwhelming awareness of the goodness of God today, I had a really great mid-semester job evaluation. And I’m feeling more confident in this role of social worker each day.


2 thoughts on “today

  1. I thank our God for leading you to choose the work you are doing, in spite of the anguish, hurt, and sadness. He is always there to strengthen and guide you. I thank God too for such loving, sacrificial foster parents. I know, now, how to better pray for you, the children, and the caring parents. Your evalution supports your decisions and bolsters your spirits. LYL

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