kansas city

My weekend in Kansas City was fun and relaxing… basically, wonderful. Exactly what I needed after this long week.


Seeing the International House of Prayer, where Molly spends a big chunk of her time.

Reuniting with Titus and meeting his parents. [Further confirmation of the wonderfulness of adoption. And a great reminder of the infinite goodness and sovereignty of our God.]

Going to the Nelson-Atkins Art Museum.

Seeing a huge store of anything you could ever want for your kitchen: Pryde’s.

Wandering Westport.

Walking The Plaza.

Eating mango ricotta crepes at Succotash.

Film pictures to come!


2 thoughts on “kansas city

  1. I don’t know one thing about mango ricotto crepes, but they sound tempting. I’m glad you were able to eat one–or was it maybe two? I stayed home and was entertained by the eagles near Decorah with the two little fuzz balls that hatched. The last I checked, there was one more egg. God’s creation is amazing!!

  2. Hey, I’m guessing you drove right by us by just about a mile or two. Maybe next time you could stop for a moment. By the way, we’re going to be spending the night with Mike and Kristen this Saturday night and then go to church with them, then have lunch before heading out…. It would be fun to see you, not sure what that would look like.

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