Here’s something a little more uplifting for you.

We drove far back into a village on bumpy paths through shacks and houses and trees and people walking about. We parked and walked further into the village to a plot of land among a trench and homes. The land had some trash and burnt piles on it. But it seems God has chosen it for the future site of the new Prime System School. We had come with Vision Trust’s general contracter to survey the land as part of the next step in a long process of building.

I stood back to watch and take pictures. Children and adults started wandering closer, curious about what we were doing. The kids came the closest. I talked to a girl named Princess and a group of boys. Princess was very thin and wearing an unbuttoned, inside-out jumper with dirty flip-flops. Later, a mother pushed her toddler toward me. This girl’s name was also Princess. I talked with them until we were called in to listen to the principal of Prime System School talk about his vision for this future building.

He spoke emotionally of children who face horrible circumstances at home and others who cannot come to school. As he was tearing up, a band of boys jumped across the trench with walking sticks in hand and came up to us. Instead of standing back like the other children, they came in close and listened to the principal. Vision Trust’s hope is that this new school building can house children like these who face little hope of getting an education or hearing the Gospel. I pray these boys and the Princesses have this opportunity.



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